Friday, March 21, 2014

Fitspo Friday

There are a lot of people I want to get to know. I want to know more about my grandparents and family history.  I want to know more about my cousins and what they love.  I want to know my niece and nephews more (As they are under the age of five, there is a lot to discover Like how they pronounce my name. )  I also want to know more about Jane Austen, because I haven't read every thing ever written about her.  I want to know more about DBT and neuropsychology.  I want to know more about Dorothy Gale and the Wicked Witch of the West. I want to know more about Sam and Dean Winchester.  I want to know about Captain Kirk.  I want to know about me.
Life is a wonderful journey of self discovery, and there is always more to know about how far I can go, how many tv shows I can watch, how much I can lift, how fast I can move, how many people I can help, how many books I can read and how many concerts I can dance at.  There is so much to learn and I'd like to celebrate all of me.  Being fit means I'll have a life time to discover me.
Discovering yourself isn't always wonderful.  The first time I discovered that my migraines were chronic and my knee pain wouldn't go away, I hated myself. About once a month my depression tells me horrible lies saying that I am unworthy of air and should die.  Yet, I know that as I discover more about myself I have more to give.  I want a fit and healthy me so that I have a full lifetime to see how far I can go despite and because of my illnesses.
Recently, I've had the pleasure of being inspired by the amazing Chloe Lee.  For years, Chloe was a person in my life that was very quiet. Things have changed a lot, and she's celebrating a lot of things lately in ways I never imagined.  It's been wonderful and inspiring to see.  Obvi not everything is perfect as she discovers more about herself, but it doesn't take away from everything she has to embrace and celebrate. As I get to know Chloe more, I get to celebrate with her. It makes me want to celebrate all those things about myself too. It's amazing to be involved with someone learning and celebrating so much.
You can get to know about Chloe on her blog.

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