Friday, March 28, 2014

Fitspo Friday

This week my inspiration comes from children. I've been really weak while dealing with the spasms that never go away.
The most disappointing moment came when I had to put my niece down not because she wanted to crawl but because my arms were tired.
 I also work with children in a locked psychiatric inpatient home. When you are trying to support someone through recovery, you need energy to spare them. Especially in an environment like the one I work in, getting your body to be physical is important to a strong lasting recovery.
I want to be able to run with the children in my life. I want to move freely with them and celebrate their progress.
My nephew monster loves a good dance party.  I don't want to turn him down because I don't have the energy. The children in my life constantly inspire me to be fit and healthier.

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