Friday, May 16, 2014

Fitspo Friday

I mentioned before I have some amazing cousins that are very inspiring.  I am always stunned at the things my family members can do.
I am blessed with having a gigantic family filled with talented folks. There are teachers, lawyers, scientists, football players, body builders, baseball players,missionaries, moms,  dads, stepdads, artists, cheerleaders, marines, submariners, and chefs in my generation alone. Not many can boast the inspiration I can from their family tree. I know some of my cousins don't believe they are as valuable as others because they don't have a fancy title. Yet, they inspire me to have fun and to keep working. Some of my cousins will never be as capable as others. They inspire me to have acceptance, openness, and passion. I am so blessed to have each one in my life.
I don't get to spend the time I want to with my family; A portion of that is because a lot of my down time is my sick time so I don't schedule things. I want to be healthier just for more time with family.  I really want to be fit and healthy so that my family members can be as proud of me as I am of them.

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