Tuesday, September 9, 2014


For the most part the last week or two has been rather boring. There isn't a lot interesting going on at my work (Thank the monkeys.  We needed a some boring time.) My sister is visiting, but we don't sight see and such.  We hang.  It's the best.  I love that she and my boyfriend and pretty comfortable near each other already.  She's gonna be here a while.
I had a migraine for a week. I wish that was somehow interesting or abnormal. It still isn't.  I got a med change.  I want that to be interesting and abnormal too.  It still isn't.
I missed a bunch of work.  My coworkers noticed.  That matters to me.
However a few things are official that haven't been official very long:
I officially have an abnormal MRI and a normal EEG.  What does that mean?  No clue.  You could Google it.
I officially have an effective Essure procedure and can't have kids.
I officially have an MHP  (mental health professional) title.
I officially have a full time job (that I don't have to give up due to seizures). 

I officially got three apologies from a doctor that hadn't bothered to apologize about my symptoms previously.  Basically, I wish I wasn't ever around doctors EVER.  That's a bit irrational given the whole "undiagnosed neurological disorder" thing

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  1. I wish saying I love you could actually help but I love you and we should talk because we never do and also 1) my life is actually incredibly fucking great right now 2) you + capri will be highly entertained by what's happening in my love life and 3) your input on that would be helpful to me.
    <3 u