Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Free Hugs

I don't think I can express how important support is when making a change.  All things are easier when you have support.  One of my awesome thing about building up support is that you can choose any way you want to do it.  You can blog for support (Hey Y'all!), use community sights like Lift, SparkPeople, Weight Talk community, use twitter, facebook, or go to the people around you.  In person support does add certain benefits you can't get online, but it's all about steps.
I'm testing out a lot of these different communities.
 I want to find the right fit for my needs, and the best way I know to do that is to try out some different things.  Right now, I'm in love with pinterest and with the International Geek Girl Pen Pal club.  One of the best things about becoming an Iggle is that you get support in a dozen different ways with everything you want to do.  My letter writing as a hobby is becoming a real thing. (I'm hoping to keep growing my creativity in that format- I'll show you soon.) 
Another great thing about being an Iggle is that sometimes, connections come with great things.  I won the Achievement unlocked give away a little while ago.  Lori G. has a great blog, and it was a wonderful giveaway.  I got a Game Stop gift card. (That's my little brother a present, I believe that buying the love of 16 year old is effective.) I also just recieved Silent Hill DVD in the mail. 
I decided that Silent Hill would be great background for my job search. It really is, I love the sounds of this movie.  Part of what I enjoy about Silent Hill is being brought back to seeing it in theaters.  I went to Silent Hill with two of my best friends, and spent half of it with my head buried into their shoulders.  I can't actually watch creepy movies or funny movies for that matter.  My head uncontrollably slips behind pillows and into shoulders during high intensity moments.  That bit of nostalgia is really helping me through the process of finding potential new employers. (On an interesting note: I read this article on nostalgia today.  Yay for some great advice!)

I hope you find some great nostalgic movies or music to brighten your mood today. Share your nostalgia with me in the comments, email, or on twitter.

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  1. Nostalgia: watching movies on a tiny TV between the treadmill and couch in my parents basement. Long walks with you. Travel-- both in terms of debate tournaments and the skanky whore bear. The creation of Shark Day. Running with Llamas.

    I almost said "I'm fine like the fine fish" the other day. Then I realized no one within hundreds of miles would get it, so I stopped.