Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Broken Dishes

I broke a coffee cup.  It was a stunning break.  I was quite sad to see it; it was a favorite cup.  The cup was giant but didn't let things get too cold,  bright and didn't burn my hands after being in the microwave.  The cup was also a gift from a friend I no longer see.  So, losing the cup was a sadness.
Yet, when I told my sister, she was proud of that one broken dish. (As am I, thus the phone call.)  I do tracking for my health everyday. I track my pain, my pills, my exercise.  Recently my tracking says I'm sick a lot.  It shows I'm not mediating or exercising like I want.  However,  the takings doesn't show that I hadn't broken a dish in months.  I prep food before migraine days and wash dishes often enough that I don't need to clean while sick. While living on my own before I broke dishes so regularly I didn't notice until an entire set was gone.
 I may miss my goals, but I notice when I break dishes now.  That's good enough for me today.

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