Monday, February 17, 2014


I've spent most of January being sick.  On a scale that goes to how sick I can get, I was pretty okay. The problem is that expanding this sickness into February I am getting worse and concerned.    I had to call in sick for work yesterday.
 I haven't had insurance since August. That can be a little bit of a struggle.  Luckily thanks to Affordable Care Act, that has changes.  I'll be able to go to the doctor, replace some of my breathing medications. I'm hoping that means that I'll get better. I'd like to feel one hundred percent. Even though being one hundred percent for me isn't without pain or depression, it's a lot better than the last month and a half.
I'm very tired.  Going through my usual bouts of migraines and depression is very difficult when I'm already worn down. I am hoping to be well for work on my next scheduled shift I have a splurge worthy feel awesome day planned with some of my favorite things. (I'll stand in line. I'll fan girl.  I'll drink Uptown coffee.)
In other news, I haven't done great on my tracking (something about writing down breathing, horrible unable to exercise over and over didn't appeal to me)  Yet, my BP is back in normal range and I lost another five pounds (I can wear my super cute bra!  I don't have anyone but me to see it, but dang it, I have one cute bra on right now.)

I will be taking advantage of not feeling well and being unable to exercise by getting some more reading time in. Very excited that I'm finally ahead of the TV show on my Game of Thrones reading so all the deaths will hit me with horrible shock and probably a lot of tears.

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