Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitspo Friday

I am inspired by a lot of people. I think the most inspiring are my cousins. I know, I am so bragging. I will continue to brag for weeks!

I will begin with the Woodards.

Check out Tatay's Gift. I don't have to go any further. I want to be a fit healthy person so that I can be creative and give from myself to others. Tatay's gift is the perfect example of that.

This article shows the amazing (and may I add adorable) the Woodard clan. Do take note of some of the previously awesome and stunning projects.

While being creative is one of the things I can do no matter how bad my illnesses get, it's definitely easier and more consistent when I am well. The hope of creating this kind of amazing and inspiring work is why I want to fit and healthy.

Continue to follow Krystal and Brad's fabulous work here to be equally inspired. Btw, become part of the kickstarter. You know you want to.

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