Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just a little movement

I decided to do a workout yesterday. This one:
I'm not even 30. So it's pretty easy to look at this DVD as a failure. My body has failed me to the point that I can't do a "real" workout. That's something I struggle with a lot. If I can't do a half hour of cardiovascular workout I ask myself what's the point? A friend said the other day that my hand weights were too light to count. I said no, they count. Yet, the thought keeps creeping in. 
I spent 3 days with a migraine and muscle spasms. It slowed down quite a bit, but after 3 days of spasms I am really sore. Also, because the pain isn't completely gone I am afraid of getting up and making things worse. 
I decided to do my old lady workout and test my body. I felt stupid and called myself names. I considered stopping the video and doing something more "real" at least using a heavier weight since mine didn't count. I didn't.  
At the end of the video I sat down with an ice pack. Less than 10 minutes later I was in tears from the muscle spasms spreading.  I hurt everywhere.  My body was very clear that I don't get a choice in what a "real" workout consists of. A real workout is what I can do in the moment, and can't be defined by someone else. (I do like my doctors advice though. ) it's also important to get in any amount if exercise I can. If I can't get an hour in, I'll take ten minutes. 

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