Saturday, June 14, 2014

Omgoodness, I am dieing.

I shouted at the screen quickly followed by "God damn Lundqvist." I am feeling the best I have all month.  I am really enjoying the game. My kings beat my bestie's Rangers while I'm in New York for the first time. Stanley Cup Champs! This is how to live. Then my leg kicks off the table of its own will. I shall continue to say I'm dancing with abandon. though I'm spasming constantly.

 I had a horrifying headache that wouldn't respond to medications. I had a supposedly simple procedure that turned into a several day ordeal.  However, I am in New York and arrived here by cross country road trip. Even with all of the challenges of the last year, I stay focused on my life long goals. My bucket list items are dropping like flies.

I'm here and trying to enjoy myself. My bestie is working on not asking me every ten seconds if I am okay. She has gone 3 hours today, but that's because mom is here and the kids are showing off their intelligence every chance they get.

Back home,  I finally got a neurologist referral from my new doctor. While my support group is concerned with if I'm having fun, they are more concerned I get my appointment set. That is how my life is going.

I notice I don't blog about what's happening when it's bad. I can't entirely grasp that I don't know what's happening again. I feel I can't be who I want to be. Blogging is difficult in those moments.  Being is difficult in those moments but I continue to strive for a life worthy of the term. I am not dieing today.  I am celebrating my team being Stanley Cup Champs and me being in New York.

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