Saturday, August 2, 2014

fitspo friday Sansa Stark

For a long time I contained some harsh feelings towards Sansa stark. I am the middle child, peace keeper among many siblings.  There is nothing more important to me than the survival and happiness of my siblings. I expect others to hold their family is similar regards (unless great harm has been done). As such, Sansa has had some less than acceptable behavior especially towards her little sister. Yet, I find Sansa as she has grown up (in the books and tv show) to be a fitspiration.
To many people it seems that healthy only applies to the physically strong.  Reality is that physical strength is not the end all be all of health. A healthy woman is not just the sister that can fight with the sword  or scheme her way to power. A healthy person can recognize their strengths,  manage their emotions,  admit their flaws and overcome barriers to take care of themselves.
Sansa becomes a strong and healthy person through her growth in the series. Sansa is an inspiration to be the kind of person. I want to be. Sansa manages her emotions as to present her biggest strengths of knowledge and courtesy.  She presents herself as timid when it is helpful and knowledgeable when she can. Her kindness is her survival tool better than any sword could be in her hands. Sansa created a civility and timid manners that got her support, safety,  and manners in return.
Even in the fact that Sansa had to grow to become a strong woman makes her an inspiration.  I strive to be a healthy person that manage my emotions so I can always treat others well. I strive to be a healthy person that uses my knowledge to support others and myself. I want to use the tools I have to survive and support those that need support. Sansa shoes me how to be that healthy person.

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