Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitspo Friday: @WilW

I am a huge fan of honesty, especially when dealing with mood disorders. While mindfulness around your patterns and skills is amazingly helpful, there are some times when you are unable to be prepared. Those are the times when a fit person reaches out for support. Being honest about what is happening with your mental and physical health is one of the best ways to care for yourself. It can help you be mindful and prepared.  It also allows for a support system.  When you are real about impacts, people can help you trouble shoot and learn.

One of the most fitspo people for a healthy life with mental health disorders is Wil Wheaton. He is a successful creator that shares his passions through many forums (Tabletop, Wil Wheaton Project, books).  I am a super fan from back in the Stand By Me days and a later in life initiated trekkie.  So there are dozens of reasons why I fan girl over Wil Wheaton.  There is only one reason I stop breathing when I see him at a con.  Wil Wheaton is a person that reaches for support to handle what he can’t handle alone.  (Read what he wrote here. Read what his wife wrote here.)  He is a person that shares his reality to support others (Read what he wrote here and here).  Most importantly, Wil Wheaton is a person that doesn't let his challenges stop him from creation.  Wil Wheaton has a gorgeous hilarious family, a successful career and an actively challenging mental health disorder.  
I only hope to be as inspiring a person as Wil Wheaton.  I strive to be honest and create not despite, but with my health challenges.  That would make me a truly fit and healthy person.  

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